Shamere McKenzie speaks in Aruba

During the week of October 16 – 20, 2012, the Government of Aruba, Aruba Anti- Human Trafficking Task Force and the International Organization of Migration (IOM) held a human trafficking awareness week, where they invited Shamere McKenzie as the keynote speaker.

In June of this year, the State Department released the 2012 Trafficking In Person (TIP) Report and Shamere had  the privilege to meet with some of the 2012 TIP heroesShared Hope International was invited to a special reception for TIP hero – Jeannette  Richardson-Barrs and Shamere attended as a representative of Shared Hope. At the reception, Shamere met Mrs. Richardson-Barrs and they had great conversation about the role each played in the anti-trafficking movement. Through this interaction Shamere was specially invited by Jeannette Richardson-Barrs to speak at the conference.

Throughout the week, Shamere spoke at a press conference with the Minister of Justice and Education; spoke at the University of Aruba to both community advocates and the school of social work; spoke to high school students; met with the Human Trafficking Task Force of Aruba; and was interviewed by local radio, television stations and newspapers. Other highlights of the week included Minister of Justice and Education Arthur Dowers who addressed the island on the issue of human trafficking; Chissey Muller of IOM who spoke about IOM regional capacity building program and the Artwork competition for high school students through IOM; the research project on human trafficking in Aruba that is being conducted by Letiza Manduro; and the dramatic presentation by first year students at the University of Aruba School of Social work.

Representatives were present from 7 different countries: Jamaica, St. Marteen, Bonaire, Curaco, Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba and the United States.

Jeannette Richardson-Barrs, Chissey Muller, Min. Authur Dowers, Shamere McKenzie Letizia Maduro

Television interview

Attendants from the 7 different countries.

Here are some of the links to Shamere’s newspaper articles:

1. Caribseek News

2. Amigoe (Shamere made teh front page of this newspaper several times in that week and had several articles throughout the week in this newspaper that is the largest paper on the island. This article however is just one of many)

3. 24ora

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