Unlikely Heroes Gala

I was honored at the Unlikely Heroes 2nd Annual Gala on October 19th in Los Angeles. I was honored for the Hero Award along with other individuals who are active in the anti-human trafficking movement. Unlikely Heroes is an organization in Los Angeles. “Unlikely Heroes currently operates a restoration home for child survivors of sex slavery in the Philippines. Unlikely Heroes is also in the midst of pioneering additional rescue and restoration projects internationally. Their next home will open in Mexico,” as said on their website.  Holly Smith was asked by the organization to nominate someone who works in anti-trafficking working to make changes and an impact. I received a letter saying they wanted to honor me in the gala and it was such an honor. I want to dedicate this award to all the survivors of human trafficking. I know that everyone else deserves to be honored for the work that they do. It is not easy doing this work especially for a survivor because not everyone is comfortable in sharing his or her story to the public. That is why I think everyone who works for this movement should be honored for this award.

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