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About Shamere McKenzie

Shamere McKenzie was a college track star who was a little bit down on her luck, when she was approached by a trafficker and lured into the trap of sex slavery. Today, she tells audiences all over the US about her experience in the hopes that she can protect others from her fate. She is the CEO of the Sun Gate Foundation, and anti-trafficking organization that aims to provide educational opportunities for survivors of human trafficking. She is the former the Program Assistant for Shared Hope International, an organization whose mission is to prevent, rescue and restore women and children in crisis. In addition, she is a subject matter expert consultant with Fox Valley Technical College Amber Alert TTA; a member of Who is Stolen performance troupe; a mentor to survivors of sex trafficking; a member of the National Survivor Network, the Survivor Leadership Insitute and an international speaker on the issue of sex trafficking. To book Shamere as a speaker or to read more about her, go to Shamere's main page.

Shamere Presents at Howard University for the 3rd Time

On February 19th, Shamere presented at Howard University again, this time she was among other experts in the field. Those presenting included Nick Sensely, Stacy Lewis, Det. Bill Woolf, Deepa Patel, Christine Raino from Shared Hope International, and more.

Stacy Lewis opened the panel discussion with her motivating spoken word, “Ten Years and one Day.” Shamere closed the conference with a powerful speech.


Read the full article published in Howard Univerity’s School Paper-The Hilltop on page 4.

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Shamere in the February Issue of the Dade County Bar Association’s Bulletin

Read Shamere’s story and how pro bono work in Dade County is helping Shamere gain control of her life again.


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Shamere McKenzie’s story written by fellow survivor Rebecca Bender

Click here to read Shamere’s story written by fellow survivor  Rebecca Bender. 

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Shamere McKenzie featured on Hannah Terry’s Blog

“Once a victim, once a survivor now a liberator”  by Hannah Terry

Click here to read how Hannah shares Shamere’s  story on her blog -” Once Sheltered”.

Hannah Terry is a devout Catholic, the oldest of 6 kids, and an avid American history buff. A recent college graduate, from Morehead State University she struggled to figure out what she is being called to do. Instead of doing what society, said she should do: go to graduate school, spend thousands of dollars, and come out with a degree she wasn’t sure she wanted, she decided to take a year off. She had the privilege to work with incredible people at Shared Hope International, which only increased her passion to fight modern-day slavery and to make a difference in the world. She loves to hike, camp, horseback ride, pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. She values honesty, hard-work, family and service work. She believes that God put her here for a purpose greater than herself. She does not know what that purpose is but is beginning to understand it. She believes that we must be the voice for those who don’t have one and fight for those whom society has forgotten.  Through her work and writing she hopes to reach one or two people who will pass on the knowledge and remember to fight for those once forgotten.

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Shamere McKenzie featured on the YWCA blog

“Knowledge is Power: Modern Day Slavery in America” by Shamere McKenzie.  

Click here to read the blog.

YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Thanks in advance for reading.

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Shamere McKenzie & Stacy Jewell Lewis presents at Shared Hope International’s 2011 Protected Innocence Challenge

Survivor advocates Shamere McKenzie & Stacy Jewell Lewis presented at Shared Hope International 2011 Protected Innocence Challenge Pathbreaker Award Ceremony in San Antonio Texas on the issue of sex trafficking.

Video: Teddy James – AFA Journal

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Shamere McKenzie discuss Human Trafficking on Fairfax Public Access TV

Do you live in Fairfax, Virginia? Watch Shamere McKenzie on Fairfax Public Access TV (channel 10) on  – Human Trafficking Show.  Shamere and Ashley Marchand discuss the issue of human trafficking with producer Adenike Oyebanjo.

Show times are:

December 6, 2012 –  10:30 pm

December 7, 2012 –  11 am

December  11, 2012 – 7 pm

December  12, 2012 – 10 pm

December  14, 2012 – 2 am

December  18, 2012 – 1 pm

December  19, 2012 – 1 pm

December  23, 2012 – 1 am

December  25, 2012 – 1 am & 10:30 pm

December  27, 2012 – 10 pm

December  28, 2012 – 11 am

December  29, 2012 – 3 pm

December  30, 2012 – 4 pm

December 31, 2012 – 3 am  

Shamere was introduced to Adenike by Ashley Marchand. Ashley is the lead organizer for the DC Stop Modern Slavery group.  The interview will be posted on the site in January 2013.



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