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About Shandra Woworuntu

Shandra Woworuntu left Indonesia, where she was a financial analyst and human rights advocate, to seek opportunity in the US. What she found instead was a life of forced labor and sex trafficking. Shandra realized that if someone in her community had noticed that men were entering the building in which she was held captive at all hours, perhaps swifter action would have been taken by the authorities. In response to that knowledge, Shandra educates communities that trafficking could be happening in their own neighborhoods. Drawing on her personal experience and her extensive knowledge of international labor rights, she is an informative and inspirational speaker who knows how to motivate a crowd to action. Since she realized her potential as a speaker and advocate, Shandra has been involved with several anti-human-trafficking advocacy groups and has acted as a legislative lobbyist in Washington DC. She has also started a survivors leadership group called “Voices of Hope” through Safe Horizon in New York City. In 2013, she was selected as a Leader to represent the USA at The Global Freedom Exchange Program created by Vital Voices and Hilton Worldwide. She can share her experience and her vision for a slave-free world with your community as well. To book Shandra as a speaker or read more about her, go to Shandra’s main page.

Kristen Saloomey interviews Shandra for Al Jazeera

The Face of Human Trafficking

Includes video interview.

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