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About Stacy Jewell

Stacy Jewell, writer, director, and producer of the award winning play 7 Layers Captive which premiered at the Kennedy Center, was born in California and raised in Washington, D.C. At age 19 she was abducted and forced into the dark world of sex trafficking. After being held captive for almost two years, she was liberated from the violence and the physiological abuse of the sex industry. Presently, she is an internationally recognized survivor leader in the human trafficking movement and was honored at the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Press Conference by the Honorable, Senators Chuck Schumer and Patrick Leahy. As founder of the Whoisstolen Creative Arts Troupe and Media Group, Stacy knows all too well that words have the power to uplift or tear down the soul. Her compelling dramatizations have helped organizations such as The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, both FBI and state level human trafficking task forces, and have been featured at several High Schools and Universities worldwide. Stacy Jewell has dedicated her life to using the performing arts for community outreach and advocacy mobilization on behalf of the victims of sex trafficking from around the world. As she often states, “entertainment and media are powerful forms in creating public awareness,” and she believes that helping survivors & advocates find their voice through creative expression is vital to the movement of ending modern day slavery. To book Stacy as a speaker or read more about her, go to Stacy's main page.

Stacy Interviews with KAAL TV

Stacy shares her story with KAAL TV news in Rochester, MN

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New Play “7 Layers Captive” by Stacy Jewell Lewis

Writer & Director of Stolen: From Playgrounds to Streetlights new one woman play 7 Layers Captive. A remarkable depiction of her personal journey through the dark world of sex trafficking and street prostitution.

7 Layers Captive is a descriptive real life story about Stacy’s horrific experience in what she and other experts call “The Life”. Through poetry, music and powerful storytelling, Stacy describes the fear, shame and eventual acceptance that kept her locked in the chains of her captor’s manipulative seduction.

If you’ve ever heard the questions asked “was it a choice?” or “Why didn’t she run?” 7 Layers Captive reveals the psychological and often emotional chains of torment that truly sheds new light on the term “Modern Day Slavery”.

To Buy TICKETS visit

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New study looks at child sex trafficking in America

SAN ANTONIO -Stacy Jewell Lewis knows firsthand about child sex trafficking.

She’s now an advocate for child sex trafficking laws, but 10 years ago, she was a victim, forced into prostitution by strangers who tracked her down in her neighborhood.

“They had followed me for quite some time and knew my pattern so they knew where I lived and threatened my family if I did not go,” she said. “When I was told they knew what street I lived on and had a child, it felt more real to me than ever before.”

Lewis now helps others through Shared Hope International. The group analyzes and pushes for strengthening of sex trade laws.

read more and watch the news report here

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Stacy Jewell Lewis speaks out at Salt Lake symposium

SALT LAKE CITY — It took Stacy Lewis 10 years after leaving “the life” to realize and understand that she had been a victim of sex trafficking.

But when she found her voice, it was powerful and it was strong.

Friday she performed a monologue she wrote titled “10 Years and One Day” with fierceness and tenderness. Her voice raising and then lowering, she spoke of the children she saw working in the streets and of the sun that taunted her while she was forced to work only in darkness.

“While it took 10 years to fully understand that I was a victim, it only took me one day to believe in the sun,” she said. “God was in the light all along. … I escaped my prison while all the vampires were asleep.”

read more here

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Child Sex Trafficking Victims Speak Out (with video of Stacy Jewell Lewis)

Stacy Jewell Lewis is another survivor who said she finally escaped her pimp after she became pregnant by a man who paid to have sex with her.

She said until now, victims have not spoken out because it is a shameful experience.

She said survivors are now talking and they hope to shed light on an awful problem where American girls and boys are abducted or forced into prostitution by pimps who use fear, violence and drugs to control them.

read more and watch the KUTV news report here

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Survivors of sex trafficking hoping for awareness (video of Stacy Jewell Lewis)

Survivors of sexual slavery shared their stories this week at a symposium in Salt Lake City. They say the problem is more widespread than people realize and the victims are often young children.

The three-day symposium brought together experts, law enforcement and survivors to help educate Utahns on a slave trade that is happening in their own backyards.

read more and watch the video here

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