Evelyn Chumbow 

(06/23/13) The Washington Times: Interview with Survivor Advocate Evelyn Chumbow 

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Ima Matul

(1/27/14) Free the Slaves Blog: Slavery Survivors Brief US Senate

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(9/4/12) The Washington Times: Trafficked for slave labor, Ima Matul survived with CAST

(9/27/12) The Daily Beast: Hope Drives Survivor Lauded by Obama

James Kofi Annan

(1/27/14) Free the Slaves Blog: Slavery Survivors Brief US Senate

(10/18/13) Challenging Heights: James Kofi Annan wins the World Children’s Prize

(10/17/13) Ghana Web: Child Rights Activist, Kofi Annan Wins International Award

(10/15/13) Free the Slaves Blog: FTS Frontline Partner Receives 2013 World’s Children’s Prize

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(2011) Free the Slaves: James Kofi Annan of Challenging Heights, Ghana

(10/28/10) Loyola University New Orleans: James Kofi Annan

(6/17/10) CNN: Former Child Slave Fights to End Trafficking in Ghana

Shamere McKenzie

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(5/9/13) Blog Talk Radio: Human Trafficking – Shamere McKenzie and James Agresti 

(1/29/13) Once Sheltered: Once a Victim, Once a Survivor, Now a Liberator

(6/23/11) ABC 7 Chicago: Attorney Generals meet in Chicago to combat human trafficking

(5/31/11) ABC 7: McDonnell signs three bills to combat human trafficking, aid victim

**speaking to the National Association of Attorneys General (vid. 2: starts min 20)

Shandra Woworuntu

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Stacy Jewel Lewis

(2/17/13) The Washington Times: 7 Layers Captive, A New Performance By Survivor Stacy Jewell Lewis

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