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Shamere McKenzie Appointed CEO of Sun Gate Foundation

Holly's article 11-23-14 Meet Shamere McKenzie, the recently-appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Sun Gate Foundation, a national organization focused on providing support to survivors of human trafficking who wish to gain access to private, continuing, and/or higher education. Why is this mission important to Shamere? Because she herself was once a victim of sex trafficking, and as a young adult pursuing a college education, she has had to overcome many obstacles. “As a survivor, I know firsthand the stigma and difficulties faced by survivors of sex trafficking,” Shamere says, “And, as the recipient of the first Sun Gate Foundation scholarship, I am a walking example to other survivors that they too can pick up the broken pieces and live a life of their choosing.”  Click here to read the entire article written by Holly Smith.

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Shamere McKenzie discuss Human Trafficking on Fairfax Public Access TV

Do you live in Fairfax, Virginia? Watch Shamere McKenzie on Fairfax Public Access TV (channel 10) on  – Human Trafficking Show.  Shamere and Ashley Marchand discuss the issue of human trafficking with producer Adenike Oyebanjo.

Show times are:

December 6, 2012 –  10:30 pm

December 7, 2012 –  11 am

December  11, 2012 – 7 pm

December  12, 2012 – 10 pm

December  14, 2012 – 2 am

December  18, 2012 – 1 pm

December  19, 2012 – 1 pm

December  23, 2012 – 1 am

December  25, 2012 – 1 am & 10:30 pm

December  27, 2012 – 10 pm

December  28, 2012 – 11 am

December  29, 2012 – 3 pm

December  30, 2012 – 4 pm

December 31, 2012 – 3 am  

Shamere was introduced to Adenike by Ashley Marchand. Ashley is the lead organizer for the DC Stop Modern Slavery group.  The interview will be posted on the site in January 2013.



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