Fighting Slavery with our Voices

There are 29.8 million people enslaved in the world today.  

Each one of them has been forced to work, without pay, without the ability to escape.

Each one has a story to tell.

SURVIVORS OF SLAVERY is a non-profit organization that supports survivors of modern slavery who want to lend their voice to the 21st century abolitionist movement.

Community groups, schools and universities, and communities of worship who wish to learn more about this issue and want to hear the first-person experiences of people who have suffered and survived modern slavery can use this site to connect with powerful and inspiring speakers.

These survivors are the Frederick Douglasses and Harriet Tubmans of our time.  They are leaders in the movement to eradicate slavery.  More than any other group of activists in the movement, these men and women live on the frontlines — their personal experiences urge them to act to protect and save others who are being exploited and abused.  Let their paths to activism encourage your own commitment and passion.


Our speakers all  manage their own engagement calendars, relationships with the community, and speakers fees.  All you have to do is search through our selection of speakers on the tabs up top, find a survivor whose story inspires you, and contact them directly through the website.  If there is a particular aspect of modern slavery or human trafficking in which you are most interested, try searching our “topics” list on the left column to read blog posts about our speakers.


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