Ima in the News

(1/27/14) Free the Slaves Blog: Slavery Survivors Brief US Senate

(11/25/13) CNN Money: I was a Modern-Day Slave in America

(10/31/13) Ima speaks out about human trafficking at Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility’s event

(4/2/13) US News and World Report: Modern Slavery Emerges From the Shadows

(3/15/13) The Tidings: A Former Modern Day Slave in LA Tells Her Story

(2/20/13) Ima talks with Freedom and Fashion

(1/17/13) CNN: Trafficking Survivor: It’s Time to Help Others

(10/8/12) Freedom Network: Ima recognized by Barack Obama at Clinton Global Initiative 

(9/27/12): CAST LA Celebrates the Presidential Attention for Ima

(9/4/12) The Washington Times: Trafficked for slave labor, Ima Matul survived with CAST

(9/27/12) The Daily Beast: Hope Drives Survivor Lauded by Obama